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rinehimerbaker's Referral Program


Refer Customers. Grow Your Business. 

From our valued customers to CPA firms and beyond, a referral partnership with rinehimerbaker can be the next value add you bring to your company.  When your referral closes a deal with rinehimerbaker we will give you 5% of the first year's software fee. That's a win-win for everyone. 

Getting Started

First, complete the form below to send our team your referral. That's the first step in earning your referral fee. Next step, let your referral know we will be contacting them and why you think they should take a look at rinehimerbaker to add value to their company.

Once the deal closes and we recieve their first payment, we will contact you to discuss sending over your payment. 

Additional Benefits 

On top of the great referral fee for deals we close, we also provide our referral partners with the opportunity to expand their reach through our blog and social media every year. As well as annually networking events exclusive to our partners and customers.

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